A Quiet Place Spinoff Adds Pig Director Michael Sarnoski

After the amicable departure of Jeff Nichols from the as of yet untitled A Quiet Place spinoff, Paramount Pictures has found his replacement in director Michael Sarnoski, according to Deadline. Sarnoski is a promising up-and-coming director whose talents have been quite sought after, following the release of his suspense thriller Pig in 2021 starring Nicolas Cage.

Very little is actually known about the spinoff right now, other than the fact that it is a spinoff, rather than following the Abbott family as they continue trying to survive in a third installment. The film is based on an idea from franchise creator John Krasinski, who wrote and directed the first two films and starred in them alongside his wife, Emily Blunt.

Reportedly, Krasinski was blown away by Sarnoski's work on Pig, and he was initially on the shortlist for the Quiet Place spinoff. Nichols parted from the project on good terms last year, seeking to work on an unnamed sci-fi project for Paramount. Nichols had also been developing the script for the spinoff, but it's not yet known whether it will be used under Sarnoski, or whether his writing will be replaced as well.

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A Quiet Place II was one of the first films to premiere in theaters in 2021 following closures for the pandemic. The film performed well, bringing in $297 million worldwide. The film expertly used flashbacks to reveal deeper connections prior to the alien invasion that brought about the apocalyptic world, while also opening up the universe beyond the home of the Abbott family as they set out to find a new safe haven. The film stars Blunt, Krasinski, Milicent Simmons, Noah Jupe, Cillian Murphy, and Djimon Hounsou. Simmons and Jupe steal the show in both films, showing an abundance of talent at their young ages holding their own amongst the big names of the series. While it's unlikely that any of the cast will return for the spinoff, it's not out of the question.

Sarnoski's work on Pig earned him a nomination as Someone to Watch at the Independent Spirit Awards. Even with so little revealed about the project so far, the talent of the creative team has us hopeful for the next glimpse into Krasinski's suspenseful universe. There is currently no release date set for the A Quiet Place spinoff.

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