Who Dies During That Cliffhanger?

[Editor's note: The following contains spoilers through Arcane, Season 1, Episode 9, "The Monster You Created."] With the release of the final three episodes of Arcane: League of Legends, the show does a great job at both wrapping up the season's plot while simultaneously giving viewers the opportunity to peer into what may lie for the show's future. With a second season already confirmed to be in production, attention now shifts towards what the next season may contain. The announcement trailer gives a sneak peek into the possibility of Caitlyn (Katie Leung) and Vi (Hailee Steinfeld) teaming up to get Jinx (Ella Purnell) and stop her from causing more mayhem within both Piltover and Zaun. However, there is much more to the world set in Arcane, and there are more stories to be told beyond that of the skirmishing siblings.

One topic that is on the minds of those who watched the show and are anxious for another season is who survived Jinx's last stunt of the season. In the climactic final shot, viewers saw a rocket propelled from a launcher made by Jinx utilizing the arcane crystal soar through the blood-red sky and into the window of the council meeting room. While there are no clues given as to who survived this attack, there are a few ideas being tossed around as to who may survive and who may not be as fortunate. Jayce (Kevin Alejandro) for the time being can be considered a safe bet, as none of the characters actually utilized within the game of League of Legends have died as of yet in the show. While this presumption is not air-tight, it is not Jayce that viewers are worried about. Someone whose life is most certainly at risk for dying in the explosion is Jayce's love interest, Mel Madarda (Toks Olagundoye). Not only is she a character that is new to the series, but the shot showing the rocket also seems to be heading directly towards her. This unfortunately means that we will not get another season of the Jayce/Mel dynamic. Not only will Jayce likely have to struggle with the loss of someone he loved, but Mel's mother may also play a heavier role in the next season.

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Another scene that viewers saw flash across the screen as the rocket made its way towards the council room is that of Mel's mother, deep in contemplation over the issues that had led to the death of her son and Mel's brother. Originally hoping to make use of the Hextech weaponry to win the impending war, her focus will likely shift upon hearing the death of the only person that "weakened her from making the necessary decisions to keep [her family] safe." Seeing as how the mother is a Noxian militarist, there is a chance that the nation of Noxus will end up playing a bigger part in the pursuit of Jinx.

Piltover isn't the only place that is going to be suffering from the loss of leadership. With the death of Silco (Jason Spisak), Zaun is going to need a new leader. That leader is likely to come from Silco's right-hand woman Sevika (Amirah Vann) who is seen in another fly-by shot sitting alone in what used to be Silco's office. Something to note is that she is not sitting in Silco's chair in the scene, depicting that she might be debating whether or not she should take his place. If she does, then Zaun has a chance to continue on the path that so nearly granted its independence. If she doesn't, there is a good possibility the next season will see Zaun plunged into a power struggle as many power-hungry figures attempt to take the now empty throne. Silco's forces aren't the only ones that have the power to change their home, however. Yet another quick scene shows Ekko (Reed Shannon) in the Firelight's hidden tree base discussing something with Heimerdinger (Mick Wingert) that seemingly intrigues him. Season two is almost certainly going to show more of the bond made by these two geniuses that both just want to make the world a better place. What occurs in Arcane's next season may involve a civil war between the Firelights and what is left of Silco's organization for control over Zaun.

Another main character that is presumed to survive the explosion is Viktor (Harry Lloyd), once again following the presumption that no playable characters from the game will die as they are critical towards the investment from fans of the franchise. Of course, we could always be proved wrong, but that would also leave Viktor's arc unfinished. The last we see of Viktor in his own story, he just lost a fellow friend and scientist due to his attempts to save himself. With Viktor seemingly at the lowest point he has ever been, it will ultimately be up to the show writers if he gets a chance at redemption or if that meeting was the last viewers was his end on the show, however many hope that this is not the end for the unfortunate scientist.

Speaking of scientists, the only climactic shot not mentioned yet is that of Singed (Brett Tucker). Being Silco's chief scientist means the death of Silco leaves Singed to potentially work on other, more personal projects. One such project actually gets teased for fans of the game who paid attention during this short clip. As Singed looks at a picture in a small locket, the camera zooms out to show a large, furred hand with sharp claws, along with a bubbling greenish-yellow vial of sorts. This most likely is a hint towards the creation of another League of Legends character, Warwick. In the game's canon, Warwick was made by Singed as a means to further understand the limits of transmutation. The end result is a beastly creature that terrorizes the darkest corners of Zaun.

It is unclear how Warwick would play into Arcane's next season, but of the few clues given to viewers, this one seems to be the most concrete. It would also make sense to slowly incorporate more characters from the franchise, and Warwick just so happens to fit into this world in such a way his inclusion would feel natural. Another hint toward Warwick's impending arrival comes at the end of the season two announcement trailer, when a loud, bone-chilling howl can be heard piercing through the darkness. With Warwick already resembling a werewolf, it can be presumed this sound, mixed with the shot looming over Singed, guarantees his arrival in the next season.

The first season of Arcane: League of Legends offered a unique look into the lore of these characters that fans have known for years now. It told an incredible story while also giving a small glimpse into what is to come in the future. With the death of Silco and the impending destruction of the Piltover council, it is safe to say that the writers of the show have only just begun to engross audiences into the world and stories that Arcane has to offer.

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