Beatles Documentary Clip Shows the Band Crafting I've Got a Feeling

Beatlemania is making its way onto Disney+. And we have our first in-depth look at Peter Jackson's new docuseries The Beatles: Get Back. Announced back in March of 2020, this docuseries will cover the making of the Beatles' 1970 album Let it Be, through to their final performance together as a group (the famous surprise rooftop concert in London). The last album the group recorded before their 1970 break-up, this period in the band's history is one of rising tensions between the artists which eventually bubbled to the surface.

The tensions are highlighted in the clip; which was released as a part of the Disney+ Day celebrations. The minute and a half video starts with the bandmates talking over each other, before John Lennon and Paul McCartney teach Ringo Starr and George Harrison the song they co-wrote: 'I've Got a Feeling'. The clip is full of sideways glances, and features Yoko Ono (whose controversial relationship with Lennon certainly added to the tension) sitting in on the rehearsal. As the two follow along the lyrics, "I've got a feeling," repeat quite a few times along with slightly mistimed backing vocals. The clip ends with a cheeky jab by Starr asking, "is that one called 'I've Got a Feeling'?"

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The project was originally intended to be a documentary film. But, once Jackson started to compile the source material, he realized that it would take more time to tell the complete story. Producers Disney, Apple Corps, and WingNut Films Productions decided to break the documentary up into a docuseries instead. The three-part series will be hitting the streaming platform at the end of the month with each two-hour episode releasing a day apart on November 25, 26, and 27.

Jackson is employing the same film restoration techniques that he used in his 2018 documentary They Shall Not Grow Old. That production was working with considerably older films taken in the early 1900s of the First World War. For this project Jackson is restoring footage from the 1970 Michael Lindsay-Hogg fly-on-the-wall style documentary Let it Be. A film where Lindsay-Hogg was given unprecedented access to the rockstars throughout their creative process.

With crisp visuals and a story of how one of the greatest bands of all time ended up breaking up, The Beatles: Get Back promises to be a must-watch event that will have the whole family talking. Watch the clip below:

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And without the risk of cutting off your hand!

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