Bidoof's Big Stand Gives the Beaver Pokémon the Animated Short It Deserves

The Pokémon official Youtube channel treated fans to a special and adorable 8-minute animation titled “Bidoof’s Big Stand.” It follows the story of a Bidoof who struggles to fit in with his pack because she has an overambitious chewing habit - it’s as cute as it sounds. The rest of the story has viewers follow along as she tries to carve out his own place in the world, literally and figuratively.

For those who don’t know much about Bidoof, the Normal-type Pokémon made its first appearance in Generation IV. The Plump Mouse Pokémon is based on the real world beaver and canonically lives in small communities on river banks where they lay their eggs. These cute little creatures, though they can appear sweet and passive, are actually quite brave and agile. They are described as simple, unaware, and sometimes moody. After reaching level 15, they evolve into the also very beaver-esque Water-type: Bibarel.

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Apparently, this animation release has left fans with a lot of questions as to why it was not released during the most recent Bidoof Day, which took place months ago on July 1. The Pokemon official Twitter account replied with the following sweet response: “We humbly ask in return - why not? If not now, when? Bidoofery need not be contained to a single day, Trainers.”

However, the company admitted that they encountered scheduling issues and had planned to release the animation in time for Bidoof Day, but couldn’t because “Bidoof got the date wrong” several times - a reason that falls in line with Bidoof’s multiple failed good intentions found in the animation. Nice move, Pokémon Company.

The animation does arrive right on time to celebrate the upcoming addition to the gaming franchise, Pokémon Legends: Arceus, which will be released on January 28. So Bidoof didn’t completely miss the mark. Arceus will be part of the eighth generation Pokémon game series and will be set in the same regional area of the world as Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.

Arceus will combine action and exploration with a callback to Pokémon’s RPG roots. It involves the usual hunting and catching techniques to gather Pokemon creatures and enter battles with other trainers. The game takes place in the Hinsui region where you’ll catch ancient and new Pokemon creatures while you uncover the mystery surrounding the mythical Arceus Pokemon.

Until the release of Pokémon Legends: Arceus, enjoy the late celebration of Bidoof Day by watching the heartwarming Bidoofery of the 8-minute animation below:

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