BIGBUG Trailer Reveals a Pastel Robot Uprising

From the mind of Academy Award-nominated director Jean-Pierre Jeunet (Amelie), who has not been behind a full feature film since 2013, comes an upcoming Netflix sci-fi movie BIGBUG, which has just gotten a new trailer showcasing its futuristic style, which brings to mind the dystopian series Black Mirror meets the 2018 videogame Detroit: Become Human.

The film is set a couple of decades into the future, in the year 2050, where artificial intelligence has been made widespread and available to the common citizen, and humanity has grown to rely on it for almost everything. In the trailer, robots execute a variety of different chores for the humans, from opening cans, to playing with children, to cooking, to giving massages, to less mundane and more wicked tasks.

From the trailer, it is not hard to tell that everything is about to go south. The robots, even when things are normal and uneventful, have disconcerting appearances and expressions, especially those that possess human-like features. Surely enough, the trailer quickly shifts from peaceful and harmonious to darker and ominous. The robots revolt against the masters and make them hostages inside their own homes. It sounds like the beginning of a joke waiting for its punchline, but an eccentric family, an intrusive neighbor, and her sex robot will be forced to endure each other’s company in a progressively more erratic atmosphere. While the group is stuck together without an exit, the latest generation of androids are attempting to take over the outside world. Between rebellious robots and frenzied humans, who are the ones truly flawed and the ones who have got a soul?

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Co-written by Jeunet and Guillaume Laurant, BigBug began filming during the pandemic in the fall of 2020, which led to some trouble with the film’s production. Jeunet told IndieWire that it was hard to get financing for his comedy about robots, but that as a last resort he would go on board with Netflix to get the film made. It seems that is precisely what happened. The cast of BIGBUG includes Dominique Pinon, Elsa Zylberstein, André Dussollier, Isabelle Nanty, Alban Lenoir, Claude Perron, Claire Chust, Stéphane De Groodt, and Youssef Hajdi.

Jeneut’s new comedy about the dangers of artificial intelligence will premieres on Netflix on February 11. Check out the all-new trailer below:

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