Close to Me Trailer Reveals Tense Thriller Show Feat. Christopher Eccleston

Collider can exclusively reveal the trailer for Sundance Now's upcoming original six-part thriller Close to Me, starring Connie Nielsen and Christopher Eccleston. The show is set to debut on December 16, with new episodes weekly on Sundance Now and AMC+.

Close to Me follows Jo Harding, played by Nielsen, who loses an entire year from her memory after a terrible fall. The eponymous book on which the show is based was first published midway through 2017 by author Amanda Reynold. New York Journal of Books described it as "a marvelous psychological drama on many levels [...] for fans of suspense, especially suspense with a feminine perspective, Close to Me is as good as it gets."

The psychological drama premiered in the UK on Channel 4 this month to positive reviews, with The Guardian writing, in a four-star write-up of the first episode, that they'd be adding the series "to [their] binge-watch list for sure."

Though he boasted a lead role in The A-List, this will likely be the first time that many people have seen ex-Doctor and Thor: The Dark World star Eccleston on screen for a little while. Danish actress Nielsen boasts superhero bona fides, too, having appeared as Queen Hippolyta in Wonder Woman, Justice League, Wonder Woman 1984, and Zach Snyder's Justice League. She also starred opposite Bob Odenkirk in the frenetic independent thriller Nobody.

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No doubt many classic Doctor Who fans will be glad to see Eccleston back in a big TV role. We recently wrote a feature exploring why he's the best on-screen Doctor (yep, that's above David Tennant, Matt Smith, Peter Capaldi, and Jodie Whittaker) concluding that "the actor presented us with a unique take on the Time Lord and helped establish what the show would be from then on, turning Doctor Who into the beautiful, fun, and sometimes sad series we now know and love."

Close to Me is written by Angela Pell (Snow Cake, Gifted), directed by Michael Samuels (The Windermere Children, The Missing, Any Human Heart), and is produced by All3Media. The finale will premiere next year, on January 22, 2022. Watch the trailer below:

The show's synopsis is as follows:

Based on Amanda Reynold's magnetic and unsettling novel of the same name, Close to Me follows Jo Harding (Connie Nielsen, Wonder Woman 1984, The Following, The Good Wife) a woman who seems to have it all, until a fall erases an entire year from her memory. As she struggles to piece events together, Jo discovers that her life wasn’t quite as perfect as she imagined and that someone will do all they can to keep a terrible secret from her.

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