Ghosts of the Ozarks Trailer with David Arquette Says Utopias Don't Exist

In a new trailer for XYZ's upcoming horror-western hybrid film, Ghosts of the Ozarks, directors Matt Glass and Jordan Wayne Long show us that even utopias aren’t perfect. The film will take audiences on a scary journey and keep them guessing reality until the very end. Ghosts of the Ozarks is slated for a release in select theaters, on demand, and digital on February 3.

Set in a small town buried deep in the Ozarks of Arkansas, the film takes place right after the events of the Civil War. Dr. James “Doc” McCune (Thomas Hobson), a curious and brave man, picks up residency in town as the new doctor after being given the suggestion by his uncle, Matthew (Phil Morris). At first, the village seems to be an idyllic place and, as Doc puts it, even more harmonious than towns in the North.

But, his uncle has not told him the full story. It turns out that the town is plagued by brutal and unforgiving spirits that come out of the woods when the sun goes down. To fend off the intruding specters, the citizens have built a tall wooden wall around the perimeter, but how long can a wall hold back the unwanted ghosts? And what happens when the town’s obsession with their paranormal visitors grows? Chaos ensues as the new doctor seeks to unravel the truth behind what lives in the forest.

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Tara Perry appears in the film as Annie, and though the trailer doesn’t give us background information on her character, we know that Perry also served as one of the film's writers alongside Long and Sean Anthony Davis. No stranger to the horror genre, Angela Bettis also joins the cast of Ghosts of the Ozarks as Lucille. Like Perry’s Annie, the trailer doesn’t lend information about Lucille, but given Bettis’ vast background in films including the drama classic Girl, Interrupted and psychological horror May, in which she played the titular character, her talents will be greatly appreciated in the upcoming film. Watchmen series fan favorite Tim Blake Nelson takes on the role of Torb, a blind man who seems to have a connection with the ghosts. Rounding the cast out is Scream king himself, David Arquette as Douglas, who from what we can gather from the trailer, is pretty darn scared of the ghosts.

Ghosts of the Ozark when the film hits select theaters, on demand, and digital on February 3. Check out the new trailer below:

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The film, which is currently filming, also stars Christina Hendricks.

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