In Nightmare Trailer Reveals Horrifying Dream Land Gameplay

Playstation has released a new trailer for their upcoming game In Nightmare, revealing the release date for the game while showing us plenty of the obstacles players will have to go through. The game is being published by Maximum Games, and is being Develped by Beijing Magic Fish Technology Co.

The game immediately shows off some of the many nightmares players will have to face, and then goes straight into gameplay. It starts with an easy puzzle of moving objects to be able to reach a key, and then it shows what appears to be a flashback of the main character. We then see the next puzzle, which involves lighting various pieces of art in the right order to unlock another key, with a riddle that looks like a poem being the only clue. We can then see the player getting chased by what looks like a group of shadow hands. While it doesn't show what happens if you're not fast enough, getting caught by them would most likely result in a game over.

The video then starts showing off the Dream Sprite, the small yellow sprite that flies around with the protagonist. It is shown that it can detect hidden things in a room such as footprints, and it can fly out ahead of the protagonist, allowing the player to see further ahead, and seemingly making it harder for them to get spotted by enemies. Finally, the trailer shows that players will have to fight these nightmares at some point, showcasing a fight with a woman by distracting her with light and attacking her with electric nodes.

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In Nightmare is an upcoming horror adventure game, which will combing stealth and puzzles in order to complete levels. The story follows a young boy who falls into a deep slumber to awaken to a new nightmare world. The world is based on his past trauma, with his experiences turning into actual monsters that will try to keep him in this nightmare world forever. He must journey through the nightmare world to uncover what lies within, purify the monsters he created, and escape back to reality with the help of his dream spirit.

The game will launch on March 29, and will be available exclusively on Playstation 5 and Playstation 4. Check out the new trailer below:

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The game drops in late March.

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