Jamie Dornan Says He Met With Kevin Feige About Playing a Superhero

It’s no secret that a spot in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is a much-coveted one for any Hollywood actor, new or well-established. With nearly thirty films and a number of TV series under its belt, the MCU is an entertainment mammoth, launching (or re-launching) careers and giving a select few the opportunity to play larger-than-life roles. So it’s no surprise to hear that Jamie Dornan, star of Kenneth Branagh’s new drama Belfast, is interested in fitting in amongst the Iron Mans and Captain Americas of the film world.

In an interview with The New York Times, Dornan revealed that he has been angling to land a role in a superhero film, expressing a desire to fit somewhere in the ever-expanding universe of superheroes. Dornan revealed that he even went so far as to meet with Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige to discuss the possibility of taking on a secret identity and joining other Hollywood stars like Angelina Jolie and Richard Madden, who have taken up residence in the MCU despite their prolific independent work:

“What have I done, three war movies? You’d think that might help my cause out a little bit with straight men, but probably not. I think you need to be in that comic-book world to really grab their attention...I’m more ambitious than I’ve ever let on before. It’s like a necessity to deliver and provide [for his children], very caveman-esque: I must succeed for these precious little people. Also, since my dad died, it’s lit this extra fire within me, this extra burner of wanting to succeed.”

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The NYT compares Dornan to Robert Pattinson, who managed to go from teen heartthrob as the lead of Twilight to leading next year’s The Batman, hopping from indie project to indie project in between. “I would be lying if I didn’t admit that I feel like him and his people have played it really cleverly,” he said of his friend and fellow actor, who has followed a similar path to Dornan, who established his career with big-budget projects like Marie Antoinette and Fifty Shades of Grey, and has now moved on much more intimate work. “Everything he’s done since Twilight has been really smart and beautifully crafted, and those films aren’t financed on his name had he not been in these movies that made billions of dollars.”

While there is no guarantee that Dornan could land a role in the MCU, fans can spot him in Branagh’s Belfast alongside Caitríona Balfe and Judi Dench, playing in theaters now.

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Thank you, seagull on a tire.

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