Jimmy Kimmel Pays Tearful Tribute to Bob Saget, Says He Was the Sweetest Man

Late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel paid an emotional tribute to Bob Saget, who died at the age of 65 on Sunday. Kimmel tearfully remembered the late comedian, and especially recalled the support that Saget had offered when Kimmel’s son was in the hospital.

Kimmel said that he’d tried to tape the message “14 times,” but couldn’t get through a single take without breaking down. He offered his love to Saget’s daughters, his wife Kelly, and to his friends. In his words:

"If you read anything about Bob online last night, and if you saw any of the many thoughts from people who knew him personally, a word that came up a lot was ‘the sweetest’. And Bob was the sweetest. He was the sweetest man. And the reason people wrote that is because it’s true. It’s the best word. If you had to pick one word to describe him, that was it: sweetest.”

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Saget was found dead in his Orlando hotel room following a performance. He was on a nationwide comedy tour. Authorities confirmed on Monday that an autopsy had been completed, and no evidence of foul play or drugs was found.

Kimmel continued:

“I have so many kind and supportive texts and emails, calls from Bob. He always had a compliment. He’d write sometimes just to tell me that he loved me, and I know he did that for many people. He was so funny, and I’m not talking about Full House or America’s Funniest Home Videos or stand-up comedy or movies. I mean funny for real. When you walked into a party and saw Bob and his wife Kelly in the corner, you’d go straight to them and stay for as long as you could, because he had something funny to say about everything, and nothing bad to say about anyone. Never. There were people he didn’t like, he kept it to himself. Unlike me, he was a good person.”

Kimmel also spoke about Saget’s efforts to raise funds and create awareness for a rare disease called scleroderma. Saget had lost one of his sisters to it, and another to a brain aneurysm. Kimmel invited viewers to support the organization with which he was associated—srfcure.org—and said that “there’s nothing that (Saget) would appreciate more” than support for the cause.

He said that he was going through emails from Saget the previous evening, and one of them was about their children. Kimmel pulled out a printout of the email from his pocket, and read it out loud. He added:

“When my son was in the hospital, Bob checked in a lot. I want to send love to his daughters, to his wife Kelly and to his friends who loved him so much. He was very kind to everyone and he had no problem telling you that he loved you and what you meant to him.”

Kimmel ended his tribute with a clip of Saget and his Full House co-star John Stamos on his show, talking about growing old. The comedian’s death was condoled by co-stars, friends, and admirers. Saget is survived by his wife and three daughters. Our condolences go out to his family for their loss.

You can watch Kimmel's full tribute here:

Bob Saget, Comedian and Beloved Dad on 'Full House,' Dead at 65

Saget had been on tour at the time of his passing.

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