Kal Penn Joins 'Belated' in Lead Role for a New FX Comedy Pilot

It has been revealed that Kal Penn will be starring in an FX, half-hour comedy pilot titled, Belated, Deadline reports. The pilot is coming to us from director and executive producer Peter Tolan, who was the co-creator of Rescue Me and The Job.

The show will center around Owen (Penn), a 40 something-year-old man who is freshly out and navigating his way in this brand new, confusing world. Along with all the changes, he will need to reform his relationship with his now ex-wife Diana in order to successfully co-parent as a team. As a side plot to the story, Owen will form an unlikely friendship with a much younger 17-year-old trans teen named Clay who will help shape Owen’s journey of self-discovery.

Owen is described to be a smart man with a bit of a sarcastic side. He works as a top-tier doctor in pediatrics at a hospital in New York City and up until recently, he thought he had all of his ducks in a row. He was happy with his wife and kids and loved living in an idyllic, upper-class town in Connecticut. That all came crashing down when he had a brief affair with another man. This sexual encounter made Owen question everything he thought he knew about himself and made him realize that he was in fact gay. He is then tossed into a new universe and trying to live his true life while also fixing relationships with those he has affected with this later in life realization. When 17-year-old Clay shows up out of the blue at Owen’s home, things only become more complicated for the pediatrician.\

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The new project is a labor of love and hits close to home for both Tolan, who like Penn’s character, Owen, came out later in life, and also Penn himself who very recently came out after revealing that he was engaged to his partner of 11 years via his newly released memoir, You Can’t Be Serious.

Currently, Penn is serving as executive producer while also playing the lead role in the soon-to-be-released holiday movie on Comedy Central titled Hot Mess Holiday. Alongside Penn, Surina Jindal and Melanie Chandra will star in this film centered around the holiday of Diwali. Penn has also been seen as of late in Clarice, a drama series from CBS, and his vocal talents have been heard in the animated series Mira, Royal Detective on Disney Junior.

Penn’s newest project, Belated, sounds like it will be a mix of a heartfelt comedy along with a coming of age (albeit later in age) story. We can’t wait to see where the pilot takes us and look forward to the release of new information as it is made available.

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