Money Heist Part 5 Volume 2 Behind-the-Scenes Video Shows the Journey's End

It's time to don your red jumpsuit and Dalí mask one last time, Money Heist fans. Ahead of the series' epic conclusion coming to Netflix on December 3rd, the show has released a new teaser trailer, as well as a stunning new poster for Money Heist Part 5 Volume 2. In the teaser, Álvaro Morte, who plays Sergio/The Professor, tells viewers that the final installment is "full of absolute tension," and I don't think Money Heist fans would have it any other way.

The captivating crime series took the world by storm two years ago after Netflix picked up the first two seasons. The show follows a group of criminals who've decided to pull off the world's greatest heist, twice. Money Heist is a compelling high-stakes drama series that features deep connections between its characters and moments of sincere emotion mixed with breathtaking twists and turns. The entire draw of the series is being on the edge of your seat as you root for the underdogs to find their way out of impossible situations.

The new teaser features shots from Part 5 Volume 2 as the team tries to survive the war they've gotten themselves into with the Spanish government. We see tender moments between Denver (Jamie Lorente) and Monica (Esther Acebo), the devastation on Río's (Miguel Herrán) face in the wake of losing Tokyo (Úrsula Corberó), and scenes of both elation and pure terror throughout the team. The teaser also spotlights a behind-the-scenes look at making the series that fans have come to cherish with a look at the filming process for Part 5.

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Rodrigo De la Serna, who plays Palermo, promises that the final five episodes will not disappoint fans of the series. He says that they know the fans are going to love what's coming and that it is very powerful. Palermo was a controversial character upon his introduction. However, throughout Part 5 Volume 1, he quickly became an integral part of the team by taking control of the situation inside the Bank of Spain.

Towards the end of the teaser, fans also get the promise of seeing Tokyo again in Money Heist's flashback scenes. Money Heist creator and lead writer, Álex Pina, sits with Corberó to discuss how she'd like to see her character return in those moments, and true to the heart of Tokyo, she asks for moments of joy and levity filled with partying and dancing.

Money Heist Part 5 Volume 2 also stars Itziar Ituño, Pedro Alonso, Darko Peric, and Najwa Nimri. The final five episodes will be available on Netflix on December 3. Check out the new teaser and poster below.

‘Money Heist’ Part 5 Volume 2 Trailer Brings the Saga to an End

It all comes down to the finale, airing on December 3rd.

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