Netflix Introduces New Top 10 Website for TV Shows, Movies

Netflix has gotten a lot of pushback on its Top 10 list since it first launched in early 2020, with fans calling it “cherry-picked” along with other pieces of negative criticism. The idea of the list was to help users find their next favorite stream, whether it be a movie or TV show, based on what titles currently have the most views. Now, the streaming service is introducing a brand new way of delivering us its Top 10 List, all while bringing even more options to the table based on weekly metrics as taken from viewers.

The website,, will show new Top 10 information every Tuesday based on the total number of hours the titles have been viewed globally from the previous Monday through Sunday. For example, if you watch 4 hours of Stranger Things, 3 hours of Crime Scene: The Vanishing At The Cecil Hotel, and start an episode of Riverdale, but only get 15 minutes into it before you have to walk the dog, all of that information will be taken into account for the following week’s Top 10. Shows with different seasons will be broken down per season, so you may see both You Season 1 and You Season 3 on the list if they each have top streaming numbers.

The Top 10 Lists will be displayed via four categories: Films (English), Films (Non-English), TV (English), and TV (Non-English) and you’ll get to see the 10 most-watched per category per week. Along with the weekly round-up, viewers will also have the chance to see what titles have been viewed the most of all time. Netflix will calculate this by gathering data for the total amount of hours the film or TV show was streamed over its first 28 days on the platform.

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The service will take it a step further by allowing you to see just how long the Top 10 shows or films in these categories have held their place on the list and which countries they are most popular in, giving you an inside look at what the world is tuning in to. For those that want to really get down to the numbers and see what people are enjoying on a global scale, Netflix has the option to travel country to country via a drop-down menu of over 90 countries and see what they’re streaming. If you want to catch a French action movie, you can do that! Feeling more of a Spanish rom-com? They’ve got you covered.

Although the site is just launching today, this first go-around of Top 10 Lists and its connecting data will date back to June 28. We can’t wait to see how the new service moves forward and what this will mean for metrics on our favorite TV shows and movies. Hopefully, this will make it even easier for all of us to find our next binge or favorite buddy comedy film, maybe even based in Colombia! Check out the clip below for more information on this new Netflix rollout:

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