New World Gets First Major Update, Adding New Enemies and More

Amazon's MMO New World is getting its first major update. Called Into the Void, this update will bring plenty of improvements into the game, including a new weapon type and new enemies to fight.

The first major change with this update is the addition of the Void Gauntlet as a weapon type. The weapon is a hybrid of magic damage and support and is the first to scale off of both Intelligence and Focus, allowing it to pair well with other magical weapons. The two mastery trees for the Void Gauntlet are Annihilation, which focuses on summoning a Void Blade to maximize damage at close range, and Decay, which revolves around a projectile called the Orb of Decay, which can debuff enemies and heal allies. Joining the new weapon are new enemies called the Varangian Knights. These knights are here to secure magical weapons for their Lord Commander Attalus.

A few quality of life changes are being added for Into the Void as well. This includes being able to run 10% faster on roads now (while out of combat), Luck bonuses for players flagged for PVP, and more starter zone visual variety and improvements. There were also changes to quests, including adding new PVP Faction Missions and updating many Main Storyline quests in order to improve the player's experience. Another improvement is the reduction of the weight of repair kits. They now weigh only 0.1 instead of 2.0, making it much easier for players to keep some in their inventory at all times.

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There are many balance changes made to the various weapons and tree masteries as well. Changes to the Life Staff include adjustments for light and medium equip loads, and Hatchet and Spear becoming more viable — and weapons that feel overpowered like the Fire Staff have been toned down a bit. Additionally, the update will include many bug fixes for New World, fixing issues with Expeditions, quests, AI spawning, navigation, and much more. The duel exploit was fixed as well, meaning players can no longer be in a duel to avoid durability damage while gathering.

Into the Void is a free update for Amazon's New World. The game is available now exclusively on PC. You can check out the tweet announcing the new update, which also includes a link to the full patch notes, below:

Amazon's ‘New World’ Lost Over 500K Players in a Single Month

The drop is a serious blow to the MMORPG’s popularity.

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