Pac-Man Museum+ Trailer Compiles 14 Games From Iconic Franchise in One

Japanese videogame company Bandai Namco has made an exciting announcement for Pac-Man fans. To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the beloved yellow character, next year you’ll be able to play an incredible 14 titles total in the iconic series in the upcoming expanded version of the Pac-Man Museum, Pac-Man Museum+.

In Pac-Man Museum+, you’ll start the game in an arcade room where you can opt to play any of the 14 Pac-Man games available, which are all past titles. In the first game, the traditional Pac-Man, you must eat all the dots while evading the four ghosts. In the second, Super Pac-Man, you must collect all the apples and become the super powerful Super Pac-Man. The third is Pac & Pal in which you must evade the ghosts and take back the fruit Mil steals. The fourth has a different style, it’s Pac-Land, it’s like a classic Mario game but in which you must send a lost fairy back home instead of rescuing a princess. The next, Pac-mania, is the first 3-dimensional one, it has the same objective as the classic but you must navigate through a 3D maze. The sixth, Pac-Attack, which visually resembles Tetris, is the first puzzle game in the series and has a two-player mode. The seventh, Pac-in-Time, requires some dexterity, using the items and skills at your disposal, you must get across the map and reach the Door in Time.

Pac-Man Arrangement is another game which resembles the classic but has a multiplayer version and includes. The ninth game in the collection is the Pac-Man Arrangement console version which includes a variety of fun gimmicks and a final battle against the ghosts. The tenth game, Pac-Man Championship, is a time-based competition for the highest score. In Pac-Motos you can play with up to three other people and the objective is to attempt to knock each other off the stage. In the twelfth game, Pac’n’Roll, you must collect the dots while rolling towards the goal. The second to last game, Pac-Man Battleroyale, is another multiplayer in which you and up to three friends must compete to see who is the strongest Pac-Man. Last but not least is Pac-Man 256, in which you and up to three other players must keep fleeing and evading the ghosts.

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The museum is set up with a progression-based system. When you play, you’ll unlock different missions you must complete in order to earn coins. With these coins, you can either play arcade games or use them to customize your arcade by buying a variety of decorative items, and changing the floor or the color of your wallpaper.

There is no concrete launch date for Pac-Man Museum+ yet but we do know it is expected for release in early 2022. For now, you can watch the announcement trailer below:

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