Jenna Ortega Reveals She Did THAT Scene with Roger L. Jackson on Set

With the new Scream movie hitting theaters on January 14th, I got the opportunity to talk to the film’s stars including Jenna Ortega, Mikey Madison and Sonia Ammar. Of course, avoiding spoilers was a top priority during this pre-release chat so I opted to lean on scenes we’ve seen in the film’s trailers, and that meant a certain scene featuring Ortega as Tara was fair game.

Yes, I’m well aware that there’s a whole lot of speculation regarding whether or not that particular scene, which is featured heavily in the movie's promotional campaign, is the film’s opening kill scene. Have no fear! This interview does not address whether or not that’s the case. We only discuss the technical challenges of filming such a set piece.

With that out of the way, here’s what Ortega said when asked about the challenges of filming a scene where she’s essentially acting opposite a phone:

“It’s kind of difficult, especially because in this scene specifically there’s a landline and then there’s also the cell phone with the social media apps and iMessage and that whole thing. So it was like playing out two different scenes, which was kind of complicated and tricky, especially when prop phones, you press the wrong button and it takes you to videos of soldiers being welcomed home from war by these German Shepherd and just really sweet, cute videos when you’re trying to be serious and give this frightened performance.”

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From there, Ortega attempted to pinpoint a tip or trick for being able to pull off such a scene, and she wound up highlighting the support she received from a Scream franchise icon.

“So there’s a lot of technicalities and weird things like that, but I would say the trick is — I don’t know, it’s really easy when you have Mr. [Roger L.] Jackson on the phone doing the actual voice and not really breaking character in between takes to keep you humbled and in the moment. So I would say get yourself a real Ghostface.”

Eager to hear more about the new Scream movie from Ortega, Madison and Ammar? Check out our full conversation at the top of this article to hear about Ammar’s experience making her first feature, Madison’s collaboration with Jasmin Savoy Brown in one of the movie’s standout moments, the wrap gifts the cast exchanged and so much more!

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