Scream 5 Poster Shows Neve Campbell Facing off Against Ghostface

The Halloween season may be officially over, but new horror movies are not exclusive to the month of October. Ghostface reminded us of that, as another new poster for Scream was released as one final treat on Halloween.

The previously released posters have seen Ghostface in many different menacing positions. However, this latest poster that was released on Fandango’s Twitter accountis notable for being the first one to feature the series Final Girl Sidney who is played once again by Neve Campbell.

The poster has the famous Ghostface mask with Sydney’s face being reflected on their bloody knife. Above the image is the tagline that has been featured in all the marketing thus far, “It’s Always Someone You Know”. On the surface, this is just another Scream poster and the second one that was released on Halloween weekend, but this poster adds to the mystery of whose under the mask.

Like Randy said in the original, “Everybody’s a suspect”. While this post teases another showdown with Ghostface it also may hint at Sidney being a top suspect. Since this new killer is going after people related to all the past killers of the franchise, anything seems to be up for grabs in this latest sequel. Especially, since the poster could be seen as a type of mirror reflection, Sidney might be on a darker path in this film. In a series that has tackled exposing the clichés of horror franchises with the various killers being the boyfriend, the jealous fame hungry relative, the revenge grief stricken mother, and a long lost brother, is it really out of the possibility that Sidney went a little mad in-between sequels?

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This poster has capped off a huge month for Scream which saw the drop of its first trailer and a handful of new posters. The latest Scream is the first film in the franchise since Scream 4 in 2011 and the first film to come out since the passing of director Wes Craven in 2015. The series since then has only been kept alive by a short-lived MTV series. The film looks to be honoring the world that Craven and writer Kevin Williamson created, while also adding fresh blood to shake up the established formula. Directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett who brought us the horror comedy Ready or Not, Scream releases on January 14, 2022.

The people we hold closest to us are the ones that have the potential to hurt us the most and this sequel looks to exploit that with this poster teasing one question. How well do we really know Sidney Prescott? You can view the full poster down below.

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