Scream 5 Using Alternate Scripts and Cuts to Avoid Spoilers

Scream 5 not only used multiple versions of the script, but now that the movie is in post-production there are even multiple cuts being made, all to prevent possible leaks that could ruin the experience. As Bloody Disgusting reports, directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett don’t want to take any chance, especially with the franchise already suffering from leaks in the past.

Scream 5 will take the slasher franchise to theaters more than a decade after Scream 4 was released, and this will be the first installment that is not directed by the late Wes Craven. There’s already a lot of pressure on the filmmakers’ shoulders, and it makes sense they want to prevent possible leaks. Even worse, as a meta-horror franchise, every Scream movie plays with the audience about the identity of the current killer, making an early leak even more exciting for fans, and a lot more dangerous for the crew.

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The paranoia surrounding the franchise is tradition, ever since the original script for Scream 2, written by Kevin Williamson, was leaked, forcing Craven to coordinate a last-minute rewrite of the entire movie, just to make it surprising for the audience. Craven took extra care to never let anything similar happen with the franchise again, and it seems the new filmmakers are following the steps of the horror master. With almost one year of post-production ahead, every precaution is wanted.

Scream 5 will see the return of Neve Campbell as Sidney Prescott, David Arquette as Dewey Riley, and Courteney Cox as Gale Weathers. Roger L. Jackson will also once again provide the voice of Ghostface. The film is scheduled to relaunched the horror franchise on January 14, 2022.

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"It's in its own universe," the director tweeted.

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