Shop Titans Video Game Gets Avatar: The Last Airbender Event

The RPG shopkeeper simulator Shop Titans is welcoming an exciting crossover event this month. A collaboration between the entertainment company Kabam Games and the television channel Nickelodeon brings us Avatar: The Last Airbender special event starting today.

The Award-winning Shop Titans is a free-to-play RPG simulator in which the player can craft and enchant equipment and tools, stock up their shop, and sell their items to aspiring adventurers. In addition, the player also gets to personalize their own adventuring party and use them to battle monsters to acquire new materials.

This Avatar-themed limited event will have a duration of approximately a month, from November 2 to November 29. The content pass includes some of the main characters from the beloved cartoon, like Aang and Sokka, who will be guiding the heroes through their missions, gear and equipment that players can craft and use, like Sokka’s boomerang, to dress their adventurers as their favourite benders, decorations that can be used to make the store look like Lord Ozai’s Throne room or adorn the yard with a lying Appa. Furthermore, the players can also get a new content pass reward track, with brand-new indoor and outdoor items.

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Regarding this new collaboration Kabam’s CEO, Tim Fields has said:

“As one of the world’s most beloved animated series, Avatar: The Last Airbender is a perfect fit for Shop Titans! Both are known for fantasy action and great storytelling filled with humor and charming characters. Shop Titans is one of the gaming universe’s most original mobile experiences, and we wanted to give gamers and Avatar fans a chance to shop, craft, trade and adventure together. We couldn’t be more excited for this collaboration with Nickelodeon!”

This unique crossover will be the first time that the RPG game includes content based on another entertainment property. As part of this event, two seasonal packs, Fire & Air and Water & Earth, will be released on November 5 and November 19 respectively.

Shop Titans’ new Avatar: The Last Airbender special event is launching today on the App Store, Google Play and Steam. Watch the trailer below:

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Your party will remember that.

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