Best SNL Thanksgiving Skits

It’s mid-November, which means it’s a mad dash to the holidays. Once that fourth Thursday of the month nears, Americans travel from far and wide to sit around a big table, shoulder to shoulder with their loved ones (or perhaps, their not-so-loved ones) to scoop mashed potatoes, pass the gravy, and, oh yeah, remember what they are thankful for. One thing that you can definitely be thankful for (see that segue?) is Saturday Night Live and its plethora of Thanksgiving parodies. So sit back, relax, and bask in that tryptophan.

Here are some Thanksgiving Saturday Night Live sketches to be thankful for this Turkey Day.

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A Thanksgiving Miracle

Thanksgiving is the holiday that we are supposed to stop and reflect on what we are thankful for and appreciate our family and friends. (I mean, it’s in the name.) But, that can be a lot easier said than done. What if your uncle grabs the last turkey leg you’ve been eyeing up all evening? Or you’re forced to babysit one of your cousins? And what about the most divisive topic of all that manages to get wedged into every conversation? That’s right. Politics. You know what everyone can agree on though? Adele. She’s pretty great, and quite possibly, could save Thanksgiving.

Penelope: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a great time to give back to those that are less fortunate. Make an extra vat of mashed potatoes and head over to your local soup kitchen. Just watch out for Penelope (Kristen Wiig), the hair-twirling one-upping nightmare sure to ruin any occasion. Mary (Anne Hathaway) is so excited to run the local soup kitchen for the homeless on Thanksgiving and shows the volunteers what they will be doing on their shift. However, she keeps getting interrupted by Penelope, who is less focused on taking care of those in need and more concerned with topping everything everyone says. Be thankful you aren’t spending Thanksgiving with her. This is one of Kristen Wiig’s many recurring characters. She detailed her inspiration behind it to Laraine Newman in 2015, when the two reminisced about their SNL days.

Wayne Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving in Gotham? Sure, why not! I’m sure the people of Gotham City are really grateful to have Batman protecting them from crime and mischief. Heck, Bruce Wayne even organizes an annual Wayne Manor Holiday Food Drive which continues to be very beneficial to inner-city residents. But, okay, ever notice that Batman is maybe a little too hard on the people that live in the inner city? Sometimes it seems like he goes out of his way to hurt them. Just listen to what some of the locals (played by Leslie Jones, Chance the Rapper, Chris Redd, and Kenan Thompson) have to say to Bruce Wayne (Beck Bennett) about the Caped Crusader.

Thanksgiving Foods

Grab a cup of hot chocolate and settle in by the fire. It’s time to learn about Thanksgiving foods with the soothing and strange Wisten Kriig (Wiig). With her as always is her adoptive father and adult child Marcus (Thompson), who finagles himself over to the kids’ table every year. You can always expect a very interesting visit from Darnell (Bobby Moynihan), who’s even more of a ham than the ham they are going to eat. What do you get when you put a picture of John Candy on a yam? Allow Wisten to show you.


Ever wonder what an award show dedicated to honoring those that ruin Thanksgiving would look like? Well, you can stop wondering. This sketch was originally cut for time, but thanks to the ‘ol Internet, it’s available for your viewing pleasure. This award show parody highlights some of the most awkward, drunken, and emotional moments that arise when everyone is together and surrounded by endless amounts of wine and turkey. Who will take home a Thanksgivie in your family this year?

Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving is a very crowded holiday, and there are only so many spots at the dining room table. Inevitably, some adults are going to have to sit at a small card table somewhere else. (Good luck scoring seconds!) This is exactly the problem for these four adults (Jane Curtin, Bill Murray, Laraine Newman, and Paul Shaffer) who find themselves, year after year, eating their Thanksgiving dinner at a small table in Aunt Judy’s (Bea Arthur) basement. There’s something about sitting at that little table that makes these grown-ups revert back to how they acted as kids. One minute, they are discussing medical school, the next, they are throwing water on each other. I’m tellin’ Aunt Judy!

Surprise Lady Thanksgiving

Just, be cool, okay? Paul (Pete Davidson) got special holiday leave from the military, so he’s going to surprise mom and be at Thanksgiving dinner! Are you able to keep that a secret? Oh boy. It doesn’t look like Sue (Wiig) will be able to. See, Sue doesn’t handle surprises very well, as you might have noticed over the years. Look at her, she’s squirming in her seat and flailing her arms. Did she just eat a pillow? Anything to get her from spilling the surprise.

Weekend Update: Garth and Kat Sing Thanksgiving Songs

All the way from Dollywood, it’s everyone’s favorite singer-songwriter duo Garth (Fred Armisen) and Kat (Wiig). Weekend Update anchor Seth Meyers has his fingers crossed that this time, they have come prepared with actual songs they have written instead of improvising them on the fly. Donning their usual white turtlenecks and holiday-appropriate vest, the two are ready to go. Garth and Kat even brought along their backup singer, Jan Pockabook (Chris Martin), who details his struggles with carpentry. They're the sexiest songwriters out there.

Thanksgiving Parade

Right around this time of year, people start planning a trip to New York City for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. The parade is the unofficial start of the Christmas season and for a lot of people, watching it either in-person or on television is a childhood staple. Musical performances are sprinkled in between the main attraction: the balloons. These massive things float through Central Park and bring joy to adults and children alike. But what if it’s windy and the balloons start to go rogue? The three balloons in this sketch, Madeline (Kristen Wiig), Pennywise (Bobby Moynihan), and Woody (Mikey Day) get a bit too close for comfort. Actually, do these balloons have a mind of their own? Watch out Kristin Chenoweth!

New episodes of Saturday Night Live air Saturday nights on NBC. Check back to Collider for weekly recaps by yours truly. Gobble gobble!

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