Dog Head Man Sketch Has Cast Struggling Not to Laugh

Saturday Night Live is chaos sometimes and last night, we got chaos at its finest. With host Simu Liu we were introduced to Dog Head Man, a new military weapon that just resulted in a bit of a mess in the best possible way. The sketch had Liu introducing the latest weapon to the Secretary of State (Cecily Strong) and a senator (James Austin Johnson). But what happens if we introduce the world to soldiers who are also good boys? AKA dogs.

Whenever Saturday Night Live introduces kids or animals to the mix, there's always a bit of chaotic energy to it because you can't really control kids or animals and this sketch proves that. Part of what makes it so funny is that we're watching the cast deal with a dog who clearly wants to be doing anything else and it's just funny watching an actor wave their hands around while a dog is clearly sitting above them doing whatever she wants.

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The Girl Dog Head Man is the latest example of military technology. When a soldier (Liu) convinces his father to use his dog and be the one to start this new technology, he is trying to convince the American government that this is the next big thing in warfare. Yes, you read that correctly. The next big thing in military warfare is a man with the head of a dog. The problem is that the dog just stops acting at one point and starts doing whatever she wants, which includes trying to get food off the chair. Which is really on them because why would you give a dog a sandwich and then expect her to act? She's a good pup but she's also still a pup!

Mikey Day covers a bit and the cast clearly does some improv to keep the sketch going but watching everyone laugh because the dog is just having the best time made this sketch so much fun to watch. What is it about making actors cover for a dog that is so funny to the rest of us? Just...absolute chaos.

Saturday Night Live, if you want to bring back the Dog Head Man sketch over and over again just so we can watch this dog just do whatever she wants and have actors cover for it. We all deserve that joy in this world.

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