SNL Makes Fun of People Who Take Karaoke to Extremes in Hilarious Sketch

Saturday Night Live loves to poke fun at things and sometimes, they nail it. Last night, with host Simu Liu and musical guest Saweetie, the show tackled one of the hardest things in the world: Karaoke. Not that going to karaoke is hard but dealing with other people who think they're the best at it is the hard part.

The sketch is simple but definitely works. There's a news station in Wilmington, NC that has a karaoke round-up as part of their news station, and what it means is that, basically, anyone who sang at Rob's bar that week is up for grabs and fall into very specific categories like "bad choice all stars" which are karaoke singers who are good but they just end up picking the wrong song.

Characters include "Guy Who Was Doing Great Until the High Note Came In" and "'Mad World' by Neal, the Quiet Guy in the Hoodie" and every new character seems hilarious because we've all been subjected to some form of this person at karaoke. Maybe not Neal in his hoodie but you know someone is going try to sing "Mad World" at some point.

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Liu plays a finance bro who sings The Backstreet Boys' famous song "I Want It That Way" and continually reminds the audience that he is rich because of his job. There's a lovely bit throughout his segment where Chloe Fineman's character makes a joke about sleeping with him several times despite the fact that they're making fun of him for coming straight to the karaoke bar to try and get laid, which is hilarious. It's also nice to see Liu clearly enjoying himself and just understanding how to perfectly a finance bro would tackle going to karaoke because that we've all experienced in one way or another.

Sketches like this really work for Saturday Night Live because they're sadly relatable. Even if you've only been to karaoke once, you at least met one of these characters because, sadly, it is the archetype of karaoke fans. Personally, I'd love to go to karaoke where a couple performs all their songs like Marge and Homer Simpson but that's maybe just me.

Saturday Night Live isn't always great but this karaoke sketch is really a perfect example of when the show works because who hasn't been subjected to a weird guy singing "Mad World" by Gary Jules for way too long?

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