Simu Liu Bakes up a Cake Fail in Thanksgiving Baking Sketch

Saturday Night Live had quite the episode last night with Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings star Simu Liu with musical guest Saweetie. The episode prior to the American holiday of Thanksgiving meant that there were plenty of sketches talking about the holiday and preparing food or preparing to deal with family for the holiday weekend. Both are necessary evils. In a new baking sketch, we return to the Thanksgiving Baking Championship which asks bakers to make cakes based on what they're most thankful for this time of year.

This format isn't new for SNL. The show has done a baking competition shows, much like our love of The Great British Bake-Off, where the bakers are often horrible, or they make cakes that look like something else, or are Heidi Gardener and are so great that no one cares about her actual good bake. But then again, when you have a good cake in the midst of a Hell cake, a "rocket" cake, and a half baby cake, the good work tends to fall to the side.

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The task is simple: Bake a cake. The problem? Most of the bakers are bad at...well baking. In fact, Liu's character is so bad that his cakes open up a portal to hell and become possessed, while the other bakers are just trying to talk about their creations. But then there is Kyle Mooney who makes a cake that is a "rocket" but looks like...well it looks like a penis and somehow that is more frightening than the Satan cake. Honestly, the baby cake is pretty scary too, especially given that the baker just made up an entire back story where she had a child so that her cake wouldn't be that bad.

It's like a mix of Nailed It and The Great British Bake-Off in the best way because what's better than bakers who know what they're doing? Bakers who have no idea what they're doing bake right along beside them and getting almost more and better attention than the great bakers. So sorry to Sandy and her wonderful cake that got thrown up on by a demon cake.

If Saturday Night Live wanted to do these sketches for every holiday, we'd love them. Just keep opening up the portal to hell and we'll keep watching as cakes throw up all over the table because it is possessed by the devil. Watch the sketch below:

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