Vampire in the Garden Image Reveals New Anime From Attack on Titan Studio

If living creatures weren’t enough to deal with while gardening, it looks like Netflix’s newest anime heroine will have to deal with undead ones too. The streamer has officially released their first look at Vampire in the Garden, the upcoming original anime from Wit Studio, the studio behind the hit adaptation of Attack on Titan. Showing off its protagonists backed by a glowing city, the new series looks to be equal parts beautiful and bloody, as audiences have come to expect from vampire stories.

Featuring the voices of Megumi Han and Yu Kobayashi, Vampire in the Garden follows two young women — one a vampire, one a human — as they bond over the power of music despite the dissonance between their races. The two wish to defy everything set in front of them by the world, with human girl Momo (Han) wishing to play the violin and co-exist the way vampires and humans used to, while vampire queen Fine (Kobayashi) simply wants to explore a wider world than the one she’s been given.

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Vampire in the Garden is one of a number of shows produced by Wit Studio in a surprisingly short period of time, having garnered significant success since their founding less than ten years ago. In addition to producing the first three seasons of Attack on Titan, Wit has produced five new anime series in the last three years, including Vinland Saga, GaruGaku: Saint Girls Square Academy, Great Pretender, Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song and the currently airing Ranking of Kings. The studio also has a number of other projects currently in development, including the upcoming Spy x Family, based on the manga by Tatsuya Endo.

Previously slated to debut this year, Vampire in the Garden will now premiere on Netflix sometime in 2022, from director Ryoutarou Makihara and assistant director Hiroyuki Tanaka. Tetsuya Nishio serves as character designer and chief animation director, with Shunichiro Yoshihara as art director and Satoshi Takabatake and Kazushi Fujii in charge of art setting. Check out the new promotional image below:

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